I create and develop captivating digital experiences

i'm Michael

I'm a Web Developer with a passion for building modern web experiences using React, Gatsby and the JAM Stack. I have commercial agency experience building client sites with Javascript, Craft CMS, Twig, Tailwind, BEM and GSAP.
Animation by Tam Doan

React and Gatsby

I'm a Javascript nerd and huge fan of React. This site is built on the JAM Stack, the frontend uses Gatsby, React Hooks, the Context API, THREE.js, Lottie-Web, GSAP 3 and is hosted on Netlify.
Animation by Nattu Adnan

WebGL and Three.js

2D things on the web are cool but 3D += more cool. I Like to learn and apply the newest innovations in web development, like interactive 3D experiences. Try interacting with the big shiny exploding thingy for bonus fun.

CMS Design

I have experience creating user friendly CMS Architecture, building fields and sections that are intuitive and easy for clients to populate. My CMS of choice is Craft CMS but I've also used Wordpress. I prefer to use a headless CMS where possible, this site uses Craft as a headless CMS with the GraphQL API.
Animation by Andrea Balbo

From Design To Code

I can create my own designs or work with designers to bring their artistic vision to life in a way that works across platforms and devices. I've worked with talented designers translating their designs into production ready code. I use Adobe XD to create the designs for my own projects.
Animation by Paulo Bañas

Digital Ninja

I’m a tech nerd all round and enjoy all parts of the web stack. I have experience with Linux, BASH, Server provisioning, SQL and Firestore NOSQL Databases, however I usually specialize in frontend.
Animation by Alexander Rozhkov

Mobile First

I develop with a mobile first approach and ensure the finished product looks great at any screen size. I use Tailwind CSS and develop reusable BEM components starting with the mobile design and working my way up to the desktop.
Animation by Victor Del Bono